About Us

Vivekananda Social Services Society is a not for profit society registered under the
Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958. The society was started by a group of college
professors and engineering professionals to bring behavioral change, amongst the citizens
of Jaipur, to protect and conserve the environment by:

a) Promoting, practicing and demonstrating sustainable, scientific, socially and
ecologically responsible agricultural practices.

b) Urban and rural afforestation and tree plantation drives in and around Jaipur.

c) Conducting student cognizance seminars/events for environmental awareness.

d) Generating knowledge or promoting knowledge generation in the field of
environment challenges relevant to the local and global context and disseminating such
knowledge to the wider audience.

e) Encouraging and nurturing social entrepreneurs/ social workers working in the field of
environment conservation in and around Jaipur.

f) Advocacy and campaigning for policy changes affecting Jaipur in specific and
country in general.

Till now, VSSS has regenerated around 2,70,000 m2 of urban green space by planting trees,
educated around 3000 farmers directly or indirectly through Kisan Symposiums, sensitized
around 12000 students through green seminars, events and exposure trips and tied up with
various national and international universities for the creation and promotion of knowledge.
By 2025, VSSS aims to plant trees to create 20,00,000 m2 of more green space, educate
10,000 more farmers and sensitize around 40000 more students. It further aspires to promote
social entrepreneurship in the field of environment conservation and campaign/advocate
for stricter implementation of vehicular pollution control laws and protection of green cover
in the city of Jaipur.