VSSS visits Chandlai Lake

As part of our weekly bird watching expeditions, VSSS team decided to visit Chandlai Lake this time.

Situated 30 km away from Jaipur City, Chandlai Lake is considered a haven for Bird Watchers. During winters this lake becomes a true hot spot for the migratory species from around the world.

Great White Pelican(foreground). Greater Flamingo(background).

Quick internet research reveals that more than 10 species of birds such as Greater Flamingos, Great White Pelicans, Northern Shoveler, Common Pochard, Pintail, Tufted Duck, Common Redshank, Common Greenshank, and Common Teal can be easily spotted here.

Great White Pelican

The arrival of these birds begins in November when water is around six to eight feet deep. They fly back around mid-April at the onset of summer after spending a minimum of two months and a maximum of 5 months every year.

Great White Pelicans

When we reached the lake our eyes were unavoidably greeted by majestically smooth display of the Great White Pelican’s flight. Astonished by the size and number of pelicans present we decided to further explore the surroundings of the Lake. A flamboyance of Flamingos was also spotted going about their formality.

Wandering a little further revealed that approximately half the span of the lake had dried up or was being dried up. The cracked lake bed made us want to step on further into the lake.

We could observe the water being pumped to nearby agricultural fields from the lake. Shrinking water bed due to human intrusion and temperature variation is cause for much concern. This eventually will lead to a decrease in the already shrinking population of the bird species, which migrate every year, and can irreparably damage the ecosystem of the lake.

Few dead turtles washed up ashore clearly declares the devastation the lake is enduring.

Great White Pelicans

Moving ahead we settled down to observe and contemplate. The time expended wandering about, observing the gesticulation and liveliness of the winged species, present at the lake, filled us with much-required delight.

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