VSSS visits Smriti Van

A curiosity to discover and spot flora & fauna available in and around Jaipur motivated VSSS team members to visit Smriti Van last Sunday in the morning.

Smriti Van situated on Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, alongside one of the busiest traffic intersection on the road, is a Biodiversity park developed on a piece of land, which was inundated during the devastating 1981 floods. The Government of Rajasthan developed it in a Biodiversity forest under the Green Rajasthan Campaign and dedicated to the public in December 2007.

Reaching at around 7:30, accompanied by many morning joggers the team members treaded in with a desire to learn about the various species of flora & fauna the park has to offer.

An immediate sense of entering a different zone altogether contrasting the surrounding area overwhelmed us as we moved further ahead into the park.

If entering through secondary gates of the park, which is on the Sansthan Path, a large board representing different species of Birds which can be spotted in and around the Jaipur region, welcomes you.

Pathways for trekkers and joggers snake through the flora of the park. Signposts indicating different species of birds and trees can be constantly spotted in the park as well.

Women collecting dried pods of Keekar as fodder for the goats.

The flora comprises of mainly dry deciduous plants having smaller leaves and spiky thorns. Bougainvillea plants, Pilkhan, Neem, Cacti, Gum Arabic Tree(Kumtha), Vilaiti Keekar & Isreali Babool are the prominent species which can be easily spotted in Smriti Van. Bougainvillea plants & Pilkhan tree are likely to be the later additions for beautification purposes.


Israeli Babool

Gum Arabic Tree (Kumta)

Vilayati Keekar(Prosopis Juliflora)

Pilkhan Tree

An advantage of having an extensive amount of flora is that it supports an equally extensive amount of fauna.

We spotted a considerable amount of peacocks roaming around. Some of the Bird species including Jungle Babbler, Oriental Magpie Robin, Rufous Treepie, White Browed Fantail, Grey Francolins, Bay-backed Shrike, Lesser Flameback Woodpecker were also spotted.

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