Science, Peace and Environment Conference

Vivekananda social services society conducted a conference on Science, Peace, and Environment on 24th November 2018. The venue for the conference was Pink city press club, Jaipur. The guest speakers for the event were Mr. Ram Swaroop Sharma, Mr. Y.K. Vijay and Prof(Dr) Pravin Chandra Trivedi, who are environmentalists holding rich experience in this domain. There were various schools from Jaipur city who came to attend this conference. The conference was based on spreading the awareness on how environmental degradation is not only polluting our natural surrounding, species, livestock etc but also at a larger pace is causing a feud between the communities and nation which in turn is resulting in economic disruption. Students were explained in a very logical way the reasons behind such event, also there was an interactive round held at the end of the event in which the dignitaries educated the students and resolved there doubts and questions in a simpler way by using practical instances. The event was a great success in imparting knowledge to future generation on our environment and ways to save it.

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