Plantation Drive|Sant Asaramji Ashram, Jaipur

Vivekanand Social Services Society(VS3) collaborated with CERE(Centre for Environmental
Research and Education), in association with the IndusInd Bank to organize a tree plantation
drive on 11th September 2018 at Sant Ashramji Ashram, Goner Rd, Luniyawas, Dher Ki Dhani,

Almost 250 plants were planted in the Ashram, out of which 35 were Sitafal(Annona
Squamosa),15 were Jamun(Syzygium cumini)and the rest was comprised of 50 saplings each
of Karanj(Millettia Pinnata),Arjun(Terminalia Arjuna),Amaltas(Cassia Fistula),Shahtoot(Morus
The VS3 and the CERE, both aim at sustainable development and conservation through various
awareness and research programs and this plantation drive provided the best opportunity for
both the organizations to unite for a noble cause.
Before the plantation drive went on the floor, a team of student volunteers was sent from the
VSSA to locate a potential plantation drive site. Sant Ashramji Ashram was finalized for the
plantation drive with the consent of the Ashram authorities.
Around 10.0 am, VS3’s team of volunteers left for the site and it took them almost 15 minutes to
reach the location. After reaching the site, the team took the permission and blessings of Shri.
Rajendra Ramesh Chandra to begin the proceedings. The plantation lasted for almost 5 hours,
with almost 250 trees being planted.
The event was concluded by some inspirational words from Shri. Rajendra Ramesh Chandra,
who extended his gratitude to the VS3 team, for their persistence and love for the environment.

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