Plantation Drive|Chitrakoot Park, Jawahar Nagar

Vivekanand Social Services Society(VS3) collaborated with CERE(Centre for Environmental Research and Education), in association with the IndusInd Bank to organize a tree plantation
drive on 9th September 2018 at Chitrakoot Park, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur.

Despite the day being a Sunday, the VS3 team under the leadership of Mr.Krishna
Purohit(co-ordinator) and Mr.Deepanshu Kumawat conducted the event early in the morning.

The plantation drive kicked off around at 7.00 am, as most of the park visitors and joggers were
expected to be around. Chief gardener Buddhi Prakash along with his team took the help of
Mr.Aggarwal, Member of the Park Welfare Committee to close down on a suitable plantation
spot in the park.

Right after the spot got finalized, volunteers from theVS3 team got into action along with the
help of a volunteer from the park committee. No sooner did the plantation started, people in the
vicinity got intrigued and inspired by the idea and came ahead, wanting to help the volunteers in
this noble cause. The whole event lasted for almost 3 hours with almost 110 saplings being
planted in all. The event was concluded by a pledge taken by the park dwellers, to protect and
nurture the trees that were planted during the drive.

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