Kalhath Plantation Drive|Vivek Techno School

Vivekanand Social Services Society collaborated with Kalhath Institute of Art and Craft,
Lucknow to organise a plantation drive, complemented by some peaceful yoga activities on 21st
June i.e International Yoga Day. The plantation drive was organised in the VS3 office Campus
itself, with the assistance of 17 skillful artisans and 4 faculty members from the Kalhath institute
along with 13 staff members of VS3. The plantation drive was coordinated by Programme
manager – Krishna Purohit, Assistant Programme Manager – Tushar Sharma and 4 faculty
members from the Kalhath Institute.
The event was graced by the benign presence of Mrendeavor Jaspal Kalra, Director of Kalhath Institute
and ex-professor, NIFT Delhi, whose involvement gave the endeavour the necessary headstart.
The event kicked off with an introductory session between the artisans and members of the
society, which lasted for almost 20 minutes. Right after the introduction, everyone geared up for
the plantation drive which included the sowing of almost 50 trees each, of the variety
Anjeer(Fiscus Carica) and Belpatra(Aegle Marmelos L). The plantation was concluded effectively in
2 hours, which gave everyone an opportunity to catch up on some snacks. This was
followed by the fitness training session based on the ancient Yoga practices.
The event ended with a small interactive session between the representatives of both the
organisations, where members shared their valuable experience with each other, giving a fitting
end to a fairly rejuvenating day.

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