NCC Plantation Drive|Vivek Techno School

Vivekanand Social Services Society(VS3) collaborated with the NCC(National Cadet Corps) to
conduct a plantation drive on 20th June 2018. The plantation drive was part of the activities under Pre Thal Sainik Camp conducted from 14th to 23rd June.

The event kicked off with the welcoming of Col RK Singh, Major Chhavi Sood and VGU director Onkaar Bagaria and their inspiring words on the need of plantation drives. The plantation began at 3.00 pm with almost 80 girls from the SW(Senior Wing) lending a hand to the generous cause in front of VS3’s office.

40 saplings of the Karanj(Millettia Pinnata) plant were seeded during the process. Right after the conclusion of the plantation process, an informative session on the benefits of the plantation drive was held for the volunteers. Before the departure, the whole team came together for a group photograph to end an extremely rewarding day on a high.

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