World Environment Day|Vivek Techno School

Vivekananda Social Services Society (VS3) organized a plantation drive on 5th June i.e the World Environment Day. The Plantation drive aimed at planting 47 mango saplings in front of the VS3 office, with the help of student volunteers from the VTS. The plantation was co-ordinated by Mrs.Usha Bajel and Mr.Krishna Purohit, and the craftwork department was supervised by Mrs.Meenakshi Bajpayee.
The plantation drive was organized during the summer camp, so the students enrolled in activities like swimming, judo, karate, and music, also came on board to lend a hand to this magnanimous cause.
The campaign began at almost 8:00 am, with students preparing their placards and posters, depicting important facts and relevant messages. The messages in the placards primarily aimed at spreading important information and data, regarding the environment and it’s conservation.
At around 10:00 am, the plantation of mango saplings started. The biggest takeaway from the campaign was to see the enthusiasm with which the children planted their saplings. They dug the holes and pits and planted the trees with extreme caution and dedication.
The event was concluded around 11:30 am with a sense of solace and procurement. After the successful completion of the campaign, VS3’s chief mentor Mr.Gaurav Bagaria took his
valuable time off to congratulate the volunteers on their remarkable achievement.


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