Organic Farm Visit|Chandwaji, Jaipur

As part of their education tour, students of Vivek Techno School visited an organic farm in Sirohi Village near Chandwaji, Jaipur on April 22, 2018. The trip was organized by Vivekananda Social Service Society as part of their “learning by doing” program at the request of VTS Jaipur Principal, Mrs. Indira Singh.

The Society Advisor Shri Gaurav Bagaria along with Programme manager Krishna Purohit and Farm guide, Manisha Bairwa, welcomed the students and took them to various sections of the farm.

The students along with their coordinators Ms. Sangeeta Arya, Ms. Suchi Singh, and Ms. Neetu Behl were taken to pasture land and open areas where they were explained about the importance of soil’s self-regeneration capabilities and the role of microorganisms and larger creatures like termites in the entire process. Following which, they paid a visit to the cowshed to learn about the role of cows in completing the carbon cycle by providing organic matter to the farm in the form of cow dung and urine.

Manisha told the students about the benefits of organic matter and its role in enriching the soil with carbon and other vital nutrients. She also explained how the artificial fertilizers and pesticides disturb the delicate ecosystem of microorganisms causing more harm than good.

Divya, a student, asked the officials about measures employed for pest protection in the farm. Another student Yesh asked about the soil and why it is all covered with some organic matter.

Similarly, Rahul raised his doubt, on any harm caused to cows due to the weather and consequent water shortage, on which he was told that all the living organisms, including cows, on the farm, are much more resistant to weather and similar difficult conditions due to their organic upbringing. Manisha further added that ways of nature are slow but highly resolute and productive in the longer run.

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